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Technology for Learning: Welcome

Access to Learning Technology Used at TAFE NSW

What is the TAFE NSW Student Portal?

The Student Portal is the gateway for students to access online tools to support their studies.

It includes access to:

  • Your student record (Learner Portal)
  • Your student email account
  • Your Learning Management System (LMS) e.g. Moodle TDC

You will need your TAFE NSW username and password to access the portal. For more information click the link to the Student Portal guide below.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

TAFE NSW has implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to help protect student information from cyber-attacks. You can choose to use a variety of authentication methods including Ping ID. For further information and help see: 

Resources Available with Your TAFE NSW Username and Password

How Do I Get My TAFE NSW Username and Password and Email Address?

These are usually provided to you when you enrol in a course. If you already have a student username and password that is active, you should continue to use it. New students need to click the link for Account activation and follow the prompts. For further information check the Login help at the Student Portal.

The student username format is firstname.lastname and sometimes a number e.g. john.citizen2

If you do not have your username and password or associated email address, please contact your local Student Administration Office or call 131 601 and follow the prompts. Library staff may also be able to reset your password. 

Password expiry

TAFE NSW passwords will expire every 180 days for students and every 90 days for staff. If your password stops working an expired password may be the cause. Log onto any TAFE NSW computer or the Student Portal with your old password to update your credentials.

Once you change your password, it's important to update it on ALL the devices you use to access TAFE services, like Wi-Fi, email, or Office 365. Your devices can be your phone, tablet, iPad, or laptop.

By doing this, you will make sure your account doesn't get locked.

Your TAFE NSW Email Account

As part of your enrolment you will be provided with a TAFE NSW email address. The email address is your username, followed by, e.g.

You can access your TAFE NSW email through the Student Portal.

Your TAFE NSW email uses the Microsoft Outlook software. Use the guide below to learn how to:

  • Manage your emails
  • Forward your emails to another email account

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