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Technology for Learning: Studying Online

Online Learning Technology Explained On This Page

You will need a current TAFE NSW username e.g. john.citizen2 and password as well as your TAFE NSW email address e.g.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform that provides video meetings, chats and more. You can join a Teams meeting your teacher has created. It is recommended that you download the app on the device you want to use.

Your TAFE NSW resources for MS Teams
Download the app
General resources

View video: Microsoft Teams essential training (2019)

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms allow students to learn with a teacher and each other via web conferencing technology.

There are several webconferencing technology platforms in use at TAFE NSW to connect students and teachers. Examples are Microsoft Teams or Adobe Connect. 

The guides below will assist you with connecting to your teacher and peers from home.

Moodle - Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning material and assessments for many courses are available via Moodle.
Access your Moodle through your Student Portal. Enter your campus in the TAFE Campus Locator to find the correct Moodle. Select your campus and then click the corresponding geographical area e.g. Sydney and Save. Your Learner Portal, Moodle and Library link are now saved for a quick access. TAFE Digital students select OTEN as their campus location.

TAFE Digital Campus - Learning Management System (LMS)

Adding a Digital or Electronic Signature

You may be requested to digitally sign and return training plans or other documents during your course.