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Wi-Fi Support: Chromebook

Instructions for Connecting to the Wi-Fi

1. Click on the time in the bottom right hand corner





then click on No network.


2. Select TAFENSW from the list of available networks. 


3. Set EAP Method to be PEAP.

4. Set the Phase 2 authentication to Automatic.

5. Make sure the Server CA certificate is set to Do not check.

6. Type your TAFE NSW username and password


Username (Identity) format:






7. Tick the box Save identity and password

     then click Connect.

8. You should now be connected to the TAFENSW Wi-Fi network.


9. To test this has worked 

  • open a browser like Chrome
  • search for any word. 

The results of the search should load and display correctly.

Still not working?

Try the More Help box on this page. Library staff can also help you to follow the instructions.

Last updated October 2020

Printable Instructions

More Help for Chromebook

If you have followed our instructions but still cannot connect to the Wi-Fi, try one or more of these:

Forget the network

This may help if the Wi-Fi connection is still not working after following the instructions for your device, or when you have changed your password.

  1. Click the time in the bottom right corner.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. In the Network section, select Wi-Fi.
  4. Click Known Networks.
  5. Click on TAFENSW in the list.
  6. Select Forget.

Change to manual proxy

If the device says that it is connected to the Wi-Fi but there is no internet, you need to set the proxy.

  • Click on the time to open your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Select TAFENSW.
  • Click on TAFENSW again to open the settings box.
  • Click on the Proxy tab.
  • Click in the button next to Manual proxy configuration.

  • Type into these fields as shown above:  
    • HTTP Proxy          
    • Port                                 8080
    • Secure HTTP Proxy
    • Port                                8080
  • Click Close.

The proxy is now changed to manual.

Change the EAP method

If the device does not connect at all, try setting the proxy to manual as above, then change the EAP method.

  • Click the time in the bottom right hand corner.
  • click on No Network and select TAFENSW from the list of available networks.
  • change the EAP method (from PEAP) to LEAP.


  • click Connect.

Still not working? Try our Support and FAQ.