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Wi-Fi Support: Android

Instructions for Connecting to the Wi-Fi

1. Tap Settings.

2. Tap Wi-Fi.

3. Tap the button to turn on Wi-Fi.

4. Tap TAFENSW in the list of available Wi-Fi networks.

Then tap Connect to network in the pop up.

5. If you see a pop up window for the following:

  • EAP method, select PEAP
  • Phase 2 Authentication, select NONE (or MSCHAPV2) 
  • CA certificate should say Do not validate (or none, or unspecified) 

6. Scroll down to Identity and type your TAFE NSW username in the following format:








7. Anonymous Identity should be left blank.

Type your TAFE NSW password 


8. Scroll down.

Tap Show advanced options.

Note: If your particular Android operating system does not show an "advanced options" feature, you will not be able to join the TAFENSW Wi-Fi.



9. Set IP settings to DHCP.

Note: If you need to change this setting, this may affect your ability to connect to other networks you have configured previously.






10. Under the Proxy option,
tap Manual then type:
as Proxy host name


as Proxy port






11. Tap Save (or Connect)

12. You should now be connected to the TAFENSW Wi-Fi.

13. To test this has worked

  • open your browser (Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer/Edge) or search engine (Google/Bing)
  • search for any word.

The results of the search should load and display correctly. 

Still not working?

Try the More Help box on this page. Library staff can also help you to follow the instructions.

Last updated February 2020

Printable Instructions

More Help for Android Devices

If you have followed our instructions but you still cannot connect to the Wi-Fi, try one or more of these:

Forget the network

This may help if the Wi-Fi connection is still not working after following the instructions for your device, or when you have changed your password.

  • Tap Settings
  • tap Wireless & Networks
  • tap Wi-Fi Settings
  • long press the network TAFENSW
  • tap Forget Network.

Now try to rejoin the network from scratch.

Network quality error message

Some Samsung phones will display this message:
"Ready to connect when network quality improves" when attempting to connect to Wi-Fi.

To remove the message:

  • Tap Settings
  • tap Wireless & Networks
  • tap Wi-Fi Settings
  • turn off Smart Network Switching
  • reconnect to the TAFENSW Wi-Fi.

Still not working? Try our Support and FAQ.

NOTE: Due to the many variations in Android operating systems, it is not possible to provide complete connection instructions for each specific device. These instructions will give you the basic steps.

If your particular Android operating system does not show an  "advanced options" feature at step 8, you will not be able to join TAFE NSW Wi-Fi.