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Researching and Referencing: Welcome

This guide provides support to staff and students on research skills, referencing, study and writing skills and digital literacy

About This Guide

This guide will help you with assignment research, referencing and evaluating information and more.

Use the headings below or the page tabs above for help with:

What is a bibliography? What information do you need for your reference list? Find useful examples, tips and links to different referencing styles like APA and Harvard. Watch tutorials, see what books you can borrow to learn more.

Smart searching 
Covers search tips, locating information and critically evaluating resources found on the Internet

Study skills 
Improve your study skills with the useful online tutorials and links to relevant websites, find helpful library books on study skills, discover more TAFE services for further help.

Writing skills
Provides help to successfully put your assignment together: with the steps explained, web links to essay writing, grammar and spelling, report writing and general tutorials, a mindmap on YouTube, access to the Writer’s Reference Center and a list of useful eBooks. 

Tips and resources for preparing and delivering presentations including online resources for ESL students, links to  free online courses on using PowerPoint via and Microsoft.

Digital Literacy

Provides help and links to improving your digital literacy skills in the online environment.


For help with the information on this guide, please contact the staff at your local Library 

Welcome to TAFE NSW Libraries

Welcome to TAFE NSW Libraries

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This guide was made possible by the shared expertise and knowledge of many professional TAFE NSW Library staff.


Need more help? Contact your local library - we are happy to assist.

Guide editor - Jo Clark