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Copyright: Copyright Basics

About This Guide

This guide will help to locate resources about copyright. The guide will give you an overview, but you will need to make use of the links to get the fine detail.

Use the page tabs above to find relevant online and library resources.

Need more help? Contact your local library - we are happy to assist.

Guide editors Susan Mansley and Beatriz Aroche

What is Copyright?

Copyright gives authors and creators legal protection over their works including the right to grant or deny permission to others to reproduce it. An idea cannot be copyright, only the way that idea is expressed in a work.

 How much can I copy?

 For most students and teaching purposes, you can copy a reasonable portion, which is defined as:

  • one chapter or 10% of the pages from a book
  • a single article from a periodical issue; more if needed for the same research or course.

You can copy more if the material is out of copyright or you have permission from the copyright owner.

A 'work' can range from a novel to a painting, a photograph, a webpage, computer software and much more.

Check the Student and Teacher tabs above for a full list of copy amounts and exceptions

eBooks on Copyright Basics

What Does Copyright Protect?

   Literary works (books, articles)

   Computer programs

   Compilations (includes electronic databases)

   Artistic work (paintings, cartoons, drawings)

   Dramatic works (plays, performance, dance)

   Musical works (melodies, song music, lyrics, advertising jingles, film scores)

   Cinematograph films (TV programs, films, videos)

   Broadcasts (Television programs, radio broadcasts)

   Sound recordings (CDS, records, tapes, MP3s)


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Copyright Websites

More Information?

      Where can I find more information?

  • Contact your campus Library Manager for copyright advice
  • Refer to The SmartCopying website
  • Staff can also book Copyright or Referencing & Plagiarism skills sessions for staff  groups or classes of students - contact your library.
  • Guide editors Susan Mansley and Beatriz Aroche

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