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TAFE NSW Voluntary Music Licence

From 1 January 2021, TAFE NSW can rely on a new voluntary licence with the music collecting societies to:

  • perform live music at a TAFE event (eg a TAFE band playing live at a TAFE Open Day)
  • play recorded music at a TAFE event (eg use recorded music in a TAFE fashion show)
  • play recorded background music in TAFE businesses (eg TAFE training restaurants, fitness centres or cafes)
  • play recorded background music in TAFE workplaces (eg staff rooms, TAFE offices)
  • make a sound recording to play at a TAFE event (eg copy popular songs from a music streaming service to play at a TAFE graduation ceremony)
  • incorporate a sound recording into another work (eg add music to a PowerPoint presentation).

The following activities are allowed, but may be automatically blocked or issued with a take down notice if they contain copyrighted music:

  • upload a recording of a TAFE event to social media
  • live stream a TAFE event from a social media platform (eg Facebook Live and YouTube).

Please note that the licence does not cover music used as part of a course of instruction. Please refer to the Smartcopying fact sheet below for ways in which you may be able to use music in a course setting.

Showing Films for Non Educational Purposes

TAFE NSW does not have a co-curricular licence, therefore you cannot show films except for educational instruction.

Examples of non-educational instruction that is not allowed without permission from the copyright owner would be:

  • Showing The Castle at an end of year ESOL social event
  • Playing indigenous themed movies in the library during NAIDOC Week
  • Playing a commercial video on a bus CTV during an excursion