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PressReader Support: Features

Navigating and Searching

At the PressReader homepage, access the PressReader publication via the Catalog. Scroll down to Publications and filter Magazines and/or Newspapers by Countries and/or Languages. When you click on Magazines, you will get a list of Catagories to chose from.


Alternatively, you can search for publication names using the Search Publications box in the top right corner of the screen. Start typing the name of a publication, if the title is available, the cover will appear. Click in the search box to bring up the Advanced Search.

For more information check out the articles below.

The 3 Dots (Ellipsis)

You will see the 3 dots throughout PressReader: on the top right of the screen, at the bottom of articles in the page view or at the end of articles in text view. Depending on their location, the 3 dots provide different options.


At Publications, the 3 dots provide sorting, viewing and interface language options.

Sort by alphabet, most popular or recent | View as small grid, grid, newsstand | General: interface language (EN selected)

At a digital magazine or newspaper issue, the 3 dots give you access to text view, page selection, printing, copying and sharing. The full list of options for an issue is available when you click the 3 dots in the text view.

Page View or Text View

You can change between Page View and Text View at any time when reading a publication. The page view displays the publication in its original format.

Page View | Text View icons

Access Back Issues Via the Internet Browser

To access previous issues of a publication, select the publication that you are interested in.

  • Click on the date at the top of the screen to display the calendar.
  • Change to list view and you will get a list of dates for when the previous or back issues were published.

         BBC Top Gear Magazine | 17 June 2020 - beneath: Close button, Issue date, list icon and calendar icon. List icon circled and drop down menu with 17 June 2020, 22 May 2020

Printing and Copying


You cannot print an entire issue but you can select articles, pages and custom areas for printing. The print option appears when you click the right mouse button on the article or page you want to print.

Print icon

Tip: We recommend you select Print as text where possible because Print as Image and printing the page view will create heavily watermarked pages.

Page example with watermarks


The Copy option appears when you click the right mouse button on the article or page you want to copy. This will give you the option to copy it into the clipboard to save the text to another document.

Cancel button | Copy to clipboard | Select All button

Copied and saved content can be printed without water marks.

How to Listen

You can listen to PressReader articles being read aloud. Click the right mouse button on the article or page you want to listen to and then click the audio icon

Audio icon Listen

Find out how to set up your device's audio options for the listening feature in the articles below.

To change the speed at which the text is spoken, go to the Reading settings on your mobile app.

Save Content to a Collection

You can save articles to your own collections. Click the right mouse button on the article or page you want to save. Click on Save to Collection and then Create new collection or add it to an existing collection. Collections can be made public or kept privately.

Bookmark icon - Save to Collection

How to Share

The guide below shows you how to share a page or an article. 

Please note that some share options do not work with people who have not activated their account or do not have a subscription. They may be asked to pay.

Translating Titles and Articles

PressReader offers instant translation in up to 18 different languages for articles and even full publications.

Please note that translation is not available for all publications. If the feature appears in a light gray scale, it is not activated for this publication.

Translation disabled

Translate OFF light gray

Translation enabled

Translate OFF - dark gray