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PressReader Support: Mobile App

The PressReader App

The mobile app allows you to:

  • Download publications for offline reading
  • Enable auto-download so you do not miss new issues of your favourite magazines and newspapers
  • Access back issues of magazines or supplements of newspapers

​Submit a request at the PressReader Help Center if you are having any problems with the app.

Please note that desktop and laptop apps are no longer supported by PressReader.

Authorise Your App

After the download of the app is completed, you need to authorise the app with your PressReader account. If you do not have a PressReader account, review the instructions on the Getting started page. 

Open the PressReader app and click on the Sign in button located on the bottom of the black sidebar.

Sign in

Important: Select Email at the next window.

or Twitter Email Libraries

Sign in using your PressReader account login details.

Cross | Sign in | john.smith32@studytafensw.e... | Forgot Password? link | Sign in button

Your app is authorised when the green dot appears next to the coffee cup located on the black sidebar.

Coffee cup with green dot next to it

Mobile App Settings


General settings

The general settings option allows you to set up your preferences e.g. how often you want to remove issues from your device, decide on your default view and more.
As PressReader magazines take up a lot of your storage space, you may consider removing issues automatically on a regular basis.

Never | Keep 3 back issues | Keep 7 back issues | Keep 14 back issues | Keep 30 back issues in green and green tick next to it | Keep 60 back issues

Reading settings

The reading settings give access to SmartZoom, full screen options, article highlights and more.
You can also turn on your device's text to speech and set the speed at which the text is spoken.

Browse and Search for Publications in the App

Click Browse on the black sidebar to access the publication search box. You can also filter your search by selecting categories, countries and languages

Filter options                                             Filtered by language English & category Computers & Technology

Black sidebar: For you | Browse | Downloaded | Bookmarks | Hotspot map | Account | Settings - Search Publications box circles | Categories circled | Countries Languages circled      Black sidebar: For you | Browse | Downloaded | Bookmarks | Hotspot map | Account | Settings - Next to Countries - alphabetical list below Search Publications | grid of magazine covers

You will find your downloaded titles under Downloaded on the black sidebar.

Publication Download Features at the Mobile App

When you find a publication that you want to download for offline reading, just click on the down arrow in the circle undefined and the publication download will start. This can take up to a couple of minutes.

To view titles that you have downloaded, click on the Downloaded button located on the black sidebar.

Browse | green coffee cup | cover of the apc magazine with download icon underneath - down arrow circled

Click the cover of the publication and a new window with additional options will open.

  • Below the current issue, move the Auto-download toggle to on and future issues will automatically appear in your download folder.
  • You can also download back issues for offline reading.

APC Australia | Recent cover | Mon, 15 June 2020 | Auto-download option toggled on | Read button | 5 back issue covers vertically on the right

Downloaded Folder - Tips and Tricks

If you click the picture of the cover of a downloaded issue in your Downloaded folder, this will open up the issue and you can start reading. If you click the title or date of the issue, you will get access to the auto-download and back issues that are available.

Cover of the Australian Geographic with speech bubble: Start reading. Speech bubble pointing to title: Back issues and more

Downloaded Folder - Delete or Lock Issues

In the Downloaded folder, press and hold the cover of the magazine issue that you want to delete or lock. This will bring up a selection of options.

Selected | Square icon | Lock icon | Bin icon | Done button | Cover of the Australian Geographic selected

  • Tap the bin icon to delete the issue.
  • Tap the lock icon to prevent accidental deletion of the issue.
  • You can tap the square icon to select all of your downloaded publications at once. You can now lock or delete them all.