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PressReader Support: Getting started

Log in to PressReader

Publications can be downloaded to your mobile devices for offline reading. Back issues are available for most publications.

To get started you need the following accounts:

  • TAFE NSW account (Your TAFE NSW username and password)
  • PressReader account (Sign up for free)

Find a printable quick start guide below.

Step 1 - Activate Your PressReader Access

When accessing PressReader the first time, you need to log in with your TAFE NSW username and password via an internet browser.

When you click the link to PressReader, it is important that the Learning Bank login window appears and you log in with your TAFE NSW account. If the link takes you through to PressReader without you being required to log in, your access will not be activated. You need to close all browser windows and try again.

Log in to the Learning Bank | Don't know your TAFE Username and Password? Login window circled - TAFE Username e.g. jay.citizen9, password hidden Login in button

If you see the following window stating 30 days of complimentary access, you have successfully logged in (If not, access PressReader with an incognito window if using Chrome Ctrl+shift+N or an InPrivate if using Edge Ctrl+Shift+P).

If you want to download newspapers and magazines for offline reading, you will need to create a PressReader Account and download the mobile app.

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Or if it is help that you need, email or chat with a librarian or view our FAQs.

Step 2 - Create Your PressReader Account and Sign In

If you want to download publications for offline reading or use personal features such as bookmarks, comments or home feed, you need to create a PressReader account. 

1. When you have accessed PressReader on the internet browser, click Sign in.Sign in next to search box

2. At the next window, click on New User? Sign up now.

‚ÄčNew User? Sign up now It's fast, easy and free.

3. At the registration page enter your email, a password of your choice and your full
    name to create your PressReader account

Registration page: | Hidden password | John Smith |Create my account button

Important: You will need the PressReader account to authorise the PressReader access at the internet browser as well as your mobile apps.

4. Now click on Sign in and log in with your PressReader account details.
    You should see a nickname instead of Sign in at the top right of the screen.

Find out how to authorise your mobile apps at the Mobile app tab. 

Step 3 - Reactivate your PressReader access

Your access to PressReader will be activated every time you log in to PressReader via an internet browser. If you have not used PressReader for 30 days or more, you will need to reactivate your access by logging in with your TAFE NSW username and password at:

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