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EBSCO eBooks Support: Searching and Features


To locate books in EBSCO eBooks you can either do a Basic search, an Advanced searchBrowse by category or select from the list of Highlights or Featured ebooks.

To do a Basic Search you can use the quick search box located on the home page. For Advanced Searching click on the link located below the quick search box.

Basic EBSCO search box with "small business" written in the search field. Advanced Search circled.

To Browse by Category select a category from the list located on the left hand side of the screen.

You can also view Highlights and Featured eBooks by using the left and right arrows or by clicking View All. 

For more information about searching read the articles below:

For information about the different ways you can find eBooks watch this video:

Search Tips

Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT can be used to expand or limit your search. For example:

  • searching business and Australia finds books that contain both business and Australia. The and search is the default search.
  • searching childcare or daycare finds books that contain either childcare or daycare
  • Searching children not adolescents finds results that only contain children

Truncation searching is supported using an asterisk (*).  For example:

  • searching for Austral* will return results for Australia, Australian, Australians, Australasia.

For further information about Boolean operators read the article below:

eBook Details

The book details page provides information about the book and how it can be accessed. You can see the Availability of the book including number of copies held. You can also see how many pages you can print, email, copy and paste. 

Publisher: Print/E-mail/Save 60 pages | Permissions: Restricted copy/paste | Concurrent User Level: Limited user access (3 Copies Available)

When accessing or downloading EBSCO eBooks, you may see the choice to select eBooks in either PDF or EPUB format. EPUB is recommended for reading in the app on mobile devices. Some books are not available in PDF.

PDF Full Text and EPUB Full Text circled | Full Download circled   Book cover image

If you try to access an eBook and get the following message “Sorry, this eBook is in use.”  All copies of the book are in use and you will need to try to access it at another time.

For more information on downloading go to Chapter download  or Full download to app.

Reading Online

To read a book online, click on PDF Full Text or EPUB Full Text, alternatively you can scroll down to the Table of content to select a particular chapter.

PDF Full Text | EPUB Full Text


Find out how to navigate the book in the article and the video below:

Adding Notes

EBSCO eBooks allows you add notes to books that will remain even after you have closed the book.  You can also create your own bookshelf by adding books to folders. To save these notes and folders you must be signed in with your EBSCO account.

To sign in click on Sign In located on the top toolbar. 

Note: This is an automatic process and does not require you to add your login details again.

Blue top bar: Sign In | Folder | Help - with Sign in circled

Adding a note in PDF and ePUB formats

1.To add a note click on My Notes located to the top left side of the screen.

2. Click on the add new note icon + New Noteand a text box will open. Type your note and click save.

3. To view your note click on the Folder icon located on the toolbar.

4. Click on Notes to view all notes. 

Note: You can also add a note from the book details page by clicking on the Noteicon located on the right side of the screen.

Find out how to save notes in the article below:

My Folder

My Folder

All notes and eBooks that are either downloaded or saved to be read at a later date can be viewed in My Folder. To help you organise your notes and eBooks you can create Custom folders.

Find out how to make custom folders in the article below:


EBSCO is committed to providing accessible experiences for all users, regardless of ability or impairments.

  • EBSCO’s company-wide design standards include requirements for minimum color contrast, including for color vision impairments
  • The online book viewer for allows users to Zoom content beyond 200%.
  • The collection is navigable with just a keyboard.
  • EBSCO tests interface and content with the following screen reader/browser combinations:
    • Desktop: JAWS + Internet Explorer 11
    • Desktop: JAWS + Chrome
    • Desktop: NVDA + Firefox
    • Desktop: Safari (latest) + VoiceOver
    • Mobile Apple devices: Safari + VoiceOver
    • Mobile Android devices: Chrome + TalkBack

For further information about accessibility read the article below.