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Standards Online Support: Searching and Features

Searching for a Standard

In the Search bar

  • enter the name or number of the standard or document you are looking for
  • then click Search OR press Enter 

Did You Know?

  • Your online session will time out after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • An unlimited amount of people can search and view at the same time.
  • A maximum of 150 people can download at any one time. The 151st person will be blocked from downloading for 5 minutes.
  • Once downloaded, a standard will not "expire", you will be able to access it indefinitely. There is no time limit on how long a standard remains on a device.
  • New standards are added to the online platform within 24 hours
  • When sharing a link to a standard, the other TAFE NSW student or staff will first need to log in via TAFE NSW to Standards Online, before they are able to view it.

Otherwise they will be taken to the wrong log in page, and on entering their details will see an error message "invalid username or password".


User Guide and Help Centre

  • find out how to search for and download the standards you need
  • create lists of related standards
  • set up alerts to keep track of updates to standards

Techstreet Enterprise help center 

  • Once logged in, at the bottom of the home page, click the link to Visit the help center for detailed information. 

You may also ask TAFE NSW Library staff to help you.


Superseded Standards

  • A superseded status indicates a publication has been replaced by a more recent document. For example, AS 1234:2015 will supersede AS 1234:2010.
  • In some cases, the older document may be superseded by a new document with a different designation (AS number) and title.
  • In other cases, a publication will only be partly superseded. The earlier edition will remain current until there are replacements available that cover all the content of the original standard.


  • An amendment can be  published as a stand-alone document, and the correct text is meant to replace the existing text in the standard.
  • A document that includes an amendment only, will have Amd in the title eg:  AS/NZS 3000:2018 Amd 1:2020.
  • Later versions of the full standard will be published with the amended text already incorporated. This will be reflected in the title, cover page and preface. Any standards you download will include any amendments to date.

Withdrawn Standards

  • A withdrawn status indicates that a document is no longer relevant or its designation has changed. A publication can be withdrawn if it is not up-to-date technically, or does not reflect current practice or research.
  • It is still possible for a withdrawn standard to be used within an industry or referenced by a government if they choose to do so. One reason for this may be because there are not replacement technical documents readily available.


AS                    Australian Standard

AS\NZS           Joint Australian and New Zealand Standard

AS\NZS ISO    International Standard adopted by Australia and New Zealand Standards bodies.

EN                   European Union Standard

HB                   Handbook

IEC                  International Electrotechnical Commission 

ISO                  International Organization for Standardization

Reading a Standard

Find viewing options on the 

Preview - read only a few pages of a Standard online

View Online* - read the whole Standard online  

Download - read the whole Standard offline as it is saved on your local device

* Troubleshooting tips:
For the online viewer, Chrome is preferred.
The View Online link may time out. If so, Download the standard instead, noting our instructions for this.

Downloading a Standard

Note you will need both the FileOpen plug-in and a PDF reader app (for example Adobe Acrobat Reader)  on your device before you begin. 

To download 

  • Navigate to the standard you want
  • click the Download button
  • open your Downloads folder
  • find the document you have just downloaded
  • right click on it and choose to open with your PDF viewer (eg Adobe Acrobat Reader) OR you may also be able to double click. 

Detailed instructions on all of this, for your specific device, are on our Apps and Plug-ins page.

Download Options

You will sometimes see two or more files of different sizes for the same Standard in the Available to Download table.

TIP: To help you choose between files, or understand why there are multiple files, click on View Online to look at the heading on the first page of the file. 

  • Some headings may show no amendments, while others do include them.
  • If headings show amendments, it could be that there are a different number of amendments included in each file.
  • If headings are the same across two files it could be that the larger file contains larger graphics or images.


 A document that includes an amendment only, will have Amd in the title eg:  AS/NZS 3000:2018 Amd 1:2020. This may not always be available separately.

Document Details Page

Every Standard has its own Document Details page. On it you'll find:

  • viewing options
  • whether its the latest version
  • links to historical versions, if there were any
  • any amendments, if they were made.