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Studiosity Support: Teaching and Studiosity

Why Studiosity?

Studiosity is an online support service to our students when they require assistance after hours and when teachers and other support staff are not available.

The main role of the Studiosity support teams is to provide feedback related to structure, punctuation and grammar. Review or feedback based on specific content is beyond the scope of the Studiosity service. Support is provided to enable students to better understand concepts and content and what needs to be done to improve their written submissions.

When Studiosity support teams identify that further assistance from a teacher is considered beneficial to enable the student to acquire a better understanding of concepts and content in their area of study, the student is advised to reach out to their teacher/s.

Studiosity is an addition to the wide variety of study support services that TAFE NSW already offer to help students with their learning needs, so students have the flexibility to choose the study support option that best suits them and their needs.

Writing Feedback Samples - Staff Access Only

Samples of full TAFE student assignments with in-text Studiosity tutor comments.
Available via Learning Bank - staff login required.

Connect Live Transcript Samples - Staff Access Only

Sample TAFE student transcripts.
Available via the Learning Bank - staff login required.

TAFE NSW Teacher Testimonials

Business Services teacher, Sydney: "As a TAFE NSW teacher I find it very beneficial for students to have access to academic support outside of TAFE hours from where ever they are. Having a third party “proof read” and double check their written work is very valuable. Studiosity helps students with sentence structure, report composition and general flow of their assessments. Studiosity offers students peace of mind to know that “somebody” is there to assist them with assessment work when they need it."

Marketing and Communication - Staff Access

Resources available via the Learning Bank - staff login required. 



Email communication templates

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