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Studiosity Support: Login Support & FAQ

Login Support For Students

Support for students on campus

Issues with your account
  • If you can not log in to Studiosity and other TAFE NSW logins like the TAFE NSW Student Portal, visit the Customer Service Team at your local campus. Please note that only current TAFE NSW students have access to Studiosity.
Technical issues
  • Please see the FAQs below. Library staff on campus may also be able to assist, but please note we cannot troubleshoot and support all devices. You are welcome to access Studiosity via computers on campus.

Support for TAFE Digital students

  • For help with accounts and other issues, please contact your teacher or the Customer Services Team in the first instance. If you are near a TAFE NSW campus, Library and local Customer Services Team staff will be happy to help. 


Having trouble getting access?
You may need to disable the Popup Blocker on your browser. See below for instructions on how to do this:



Internet Explorer:

JavaScript needs to be enabled in your browser.

PDF and PowerPoint
Studiosity does not support PowerPoint presentations or PDFs. If your assignment is written in this format you will need to copy the content into a Word document. 

What's a transaction?
Up to 20 minutes with a subject specialist on Connect Live.
An up to 5500 word document submitted to Writing Feedback.

Limits - I've reached my limit
TAFE NSW students have a usage limit of 10 transactions per term which will display on the right hand side of your account homepage. TAFE provides a range of resources to help with study skills. Please see the What Study Support is Available to Me box on the Additional Study Support page.

Why do I need to make a PIN?
The PIN adds a layer of  security for your account.
In case you forget your PIN, you will be able to reset it via email.

Alternative Logins

Logging in via the TAFE NSW Portal

1. Log in to your TAFE NSW Student Portal using your TAFE NSW username and password.‚Äč

2. Click on the Studiosity icon in the right hand column on the portal page.

Purple Studiosity icon 

At the next screen enter your TAFE NSW username and password and then your PIN, or set up your PIN when prompted.


Logging in via the LMS - Moodle or Studespace

1. Once logged into your LMS look for the Studiosity box and click the link to go to Studiosity now.

Studiosity block on the LMS - Free Study help, right when you need it 

2. Enter your PIN, or set up your PIN, when prompted.


Logging in via the OLS

TAFE Digital students who use the OLS (Online Learning Support) as their learning platform will continue to be able to access Studiosity via the OLS and their conditions will remain unchanged.  Students should refer to their learning platform for further details.