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Studiosity Support: Features

Connect Live, One-to-One Study Help

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Connect live after hours with the Studiosity support team in an interactive classroom using:

  • Chat with a tutor online and get instant feedback
  • Collaborative whiteboard for those tricky math and science problems
  • File sharing 
  • Subjects covered include: English, Math, Science, Commerce and HSC Science
  • Accounting, Economics and Statistics (first year fundamentals)
  • Plus a study coach is available

When is it available?

  • All subjects
    Monday to Friday 3.00 pm to 12.00 am 

Saturday and Sunday 24/7

  • 20 minute limit but you can reconnect if you have a second question

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Check out what your fellow TAFE NSW students have said about Studiosity...

TAFE Digital student:  "Great to have positive feedback so I know I am on the right track"

North Coast student working on a short story: "The thorough explanation of what I needed to change and why, so I can learn better."

Sydney student: "Thank you for your feedback, it is clear for me to understand the areas that I need to work on."

Sydney student: "Extremely helpful. Thomas was able to explain my questions slowly for me to process and gave a reliable online source to research papers for my assignments."

North Coast student using Connect Live for English help: "the tutor helped me to understand how to reference and I now understand it completely."

Hunter student: "Encouraging feedback. Helpful in what I have to change and supportive of the work I have already done."

Sydney student : " I love the way you corrected my writing, very clear and the explanation was in the spot and not in the introduction. REALLY thank you so much."

What will you have to say about Studiosity?

24/7 Writing Feedback

Writing feedback icon

Submit your assignment for feedback:

  • Provides feedback on language, structure, grammar, spelling and referencing.
  • You can submit written work to the Writing Feedback service at any time.
  • You should expect a turnaround time of 24 hours.
  • Your Writing Feedback service supports doc,docx, odt, txt or rtf files with a maximum word count of 5500 words per draft.
  • Studiosity does not support PowerPoint presentations or PDFs. If your assignment is written in this format you will need to copy the content into a Word document.
  • The Writing Feedback service accepts file sizes under 4 MB.
  • The Studiosity support team are trained in all major referencing formats and have access to the TAFE NSW referencing guides

When is it available? 24/7!

Connect now >> turquoise oval button

You can find the official TAFE NSW referencing guides on the Researching and referencing LibGuide.

New Feature - Citation Assist

Writing feedback icon

Further assistance with your writing and referencing.

The Citation Assist service will:

  • Identify where your draft text matches content from other sources and has not been cited/referenced properly.
  • Send you a personalised feedback report, noting where you may need additional citations/references.
  • Help assure your work is referenced correctly.

Studiosity tutors have access to the official TAFE NSW referencing guides on the Researching and referencing LibGuide.

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Things to Know

Just remember...

There is a limit of 10 transactions per term. This can be a combination of both the Connect Live service and Writing Feedback service or you may choose to  only use the Connect Live service or Writing Feedback service - the choice is yours.

Term dates 2019

TERM 4 2019   14 October to 31 December
TERM 1 2020   1 January to 26 April