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Smarthinking Support: Features

Smarthinking Dashboard

1. Work With a Tutor

Use the Drop-in Tutor service or the Schedule a Future Session service, available via the Work with a tutor button, with the Smarthinking support team.

  • Chat with a tutor online and get instant feedback
  • Drop in anytime or schedule a future session. Note that a scheduled session will take up at least 30 minutes of your allocated time.
  • Subjects covered include writing, reading, mathematics, statistics, science and business. Business includes economics and general accountancy. Please note that Australian tax laws are not covered
  • Request an ESOL (English as a second language) support tutor
  • Collaborative whiteboard, file sharing and audio options available

4. Study Aids

  • In Smarthinking, you have access to subject-specific guides in many fields, such as ESOL, psychology, sociology, and other subjects. There are also 1,500 math tutorials, other math resources, an accounting study guide, a writer’s handbook, and study resources.
  • Access to these resources is free and does not count towards your time limits.

2. Submit My Writing

Click on the Submit My Writing button for feedback on your written assignments:

  • Provides feedback on language, structure, grammar, spelling and referencing.
  • You can get overall feedback or specify the type of help you need. Feedback should be available within 24 hours via the Review My Submissions button or via text alert.

Things to note:

  • Your Writing Centre service supports doc, docx, txt or rtf files but not PowerPoint presentations or PDFs. If your assignment is written in this format you will need to copy the content into a Word document. You can also convert it in Smarthinking before you submit.
  • The Smarthinking support team are trained in all major referencing formats and have access to the TAFE NSW referencing guides
  • Tutors have up to 50 minutes to review your essay. This is to protect you, so you do not use your 3 hour allocation all in one go. Tutors will review as much as they can, but if your essay is very long and they need more than 50 minutes to review it, you will be informed that you will need to resubmit your document. 

Make the most of your time allocation

  • Include a copy of your assignment question with the writing submission
  • Only submit your final draft, not the same draft multiple times. Focus on the areas of your final draft that you or your teacher have identified as requiring further skill development.

3. Review My Sessions and Submissions

  • Find your writing submissions and feedback and review your archived tutoring sessions at any time. This includes a transcript of your live session and whiteboard work, and any non live sessions including your original work and your tutor’s feedback.
  • Access to this service is free and does not count towards your time limits.

5. Submit a Question

You can submit questions offline and receive a detailed tutor’s response within 24 hours.